Director: Boubaker Boukhari
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The film toured more than 70 film festivals around the world.
Karouma Poster
2016/ UAE12 min/ Animation
The film follows Karouma, the unique gifted boy who is striving to break through and to leave his parents’ nest to pursue his dreams and live his life in its full potential.
Paul W. Poteete,
Alina Zygowska,
Nuria Pellicer,
Ahmed “Mario” Elrasheed Jumaa
Screenwriter: George Saad
Saadia Ganouni
Editor: Waleed Talal Al Madani
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Production Company(ies)
Creative Lab - twofour54
John Shaw
film festivals
Montana International Children’s Film Festival, USA
Sudan Independent Film Festival, Sudan
Cambodia International Film Festival, Cambodia
Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival, Brazil
Safe Community International Short Film Festival, Iran
Palestine Animation Festival- Animate.ps, Palestine
El Meu Primer Festival, Spain
Hsin-Yi Children Animation Award, Taiwan
Arab Film Festival Zurich, Switzerland
Wicked Film Festival, Australia
VideoBabel, Peru
XII Festival de Cine Infantil de Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela
Seville Animation Festival (Animalada), Spain
Grand OFF World Independent Film Awards, Poland
Euroshorts, Poland
Arab Film Festival, USA
Southampton International Film Festival, UK
Tunisian Festival of Animated Film-Ta7rik, Tunisia
Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (SICFF), UAE
Washington DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF), USA
Lisbon Film Festival, Portugal
Festival International du Film pour l'enfance et la Jeunesse de Sousse (Sousse International Film Festival for Youth and Children), Tunisia
KINÉ, Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes, Mexico
GOLDEN KUKER Sofia International Animation Film Festival, Bulgaria
Tehran International Silent Film Festival, Iran
Prokuplje Short Film Festival, Serbia
Athens Animfest, Greece
Garden Cine Film Festival, Brazil
Qumara International Film Festival, Iraq
Film Leben Festival, Germany
River Film Festival, Italy
International Cine a La Calle Short Film Festival, Colombia
Tlanchana Fest: Film and Digital Art Festival, Mexico
International Independent Film Fair of Bogotá (FECIBogotá), Colombia
Mostra Curta Vazantes: Cinema em Comunidade, Brazil
Colortape International Film Festival, Australia
SUPERTOON International Animation Festival, Croatia
International Children’s Film Festival (FesticineKids), Colombia
IndiEarth Animation Film Festival, India
International Film Festival Ojo al Piojo, Argentina
CEBU International Film Festival, Philippines
Montreal International Animation Film Festival – ANIMAZE, Canada
Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Short Film Festival, Belarus
Cardiff Independent Film Festival, UK
Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt
Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan
Animation Chico, USA
Bridge of Arts Motivational Film Festival, Russia
Emirati Film Review in Krakow, Poland
MedFest Egypt
Pennine Film Festival, UK
New York International Short Film Festival, USA
Comme Il Faut International Film Festival, Belarus
Kraljevski Film Festival, Serbia
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA
FARCUME International Festival of Short Film Faro, Portugal
Korea International Expat Film Festival, Korea
FILMMATIC Filmmaker Awards, USA
film awards
Best Animation Film Award at the Pennine Film Festival, UK
Best Animation at the New York International Short Film Festival, USA
Best Animation at the Comme Il Faut International Film Festival, Belarus
Best Animated Film at the Kraljevski Film Festival, Serbia
Silver Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA
Animation Honorable Mention at the FARCUME International Festival of Short Film Faro, Portugal
Best International Expat Short Award at the Korea International Expat Film Festival, Korea
Best Animation at the FILMMATIC Filmmaker Awards, USA
“Whether symbolic and based on true events, Karouma is a tale of triumph over adversity. Karouma reminds us we are as free and boundless as our imaginations.” Kierston Drier - Festival Reviews