Experimental Summer

Director: Mahmoud Lotfy
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The film was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival.
It was released in Zawya Cinema in Egypt.
The film’s narrative form is unique and surprising that it takes the audience to a new enriching cultural experience.
It explores the passion for cinema and filmmaking, commemorating the Egyptian pioneers of independent filmmaking.
It received support from the Doha Film Institute.
Experimental Summer Poster
2017/ Egypt70 min/ Drama, Mocumentary
Original Title
Saif Tagreby
Both Mahmoud and Zeinab join hands to search for the original version of the first Egyptian independent film that was made back in the 1980s, all copies of which were either destroyed or confiscated for unknown reasons by the government film agency, an entity that governed film production and distribution at the time. ’Experimental Summer’ is a fantasy journey into the world of filmmaking.
Zainab Magdy
Mahmoud Eissa
Ahmed Magdy
Essam Esmail
Screenwriter: Mahmoud Lotfy
DOP: Mahmoud Lotfy
Editor: Essam Esmail
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Production Company(ies)
Otaku Digital Film
Mahmoud lotfy
film festivals
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
Militello Independent Film Festival, Italy
Egyptian National Film Festival, Egypt
film awards
Best Film award- Militello Independent Film Festival, Italy