Watermelon Club

Director: Yaser Al Neyadi
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The film was an official selection for Muhr Awards at Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).
Through an innovative narrative style, the director takes the audience to a journey revealing the real face for six seemingly ideal moral characters.
Watermelon Club Poster
2017 / United Arab Emirates65 min/ Drama
Original Title
Nadi Albatikh
A complex story of a group of men who gather up to practice a weird and mysterious rituals on a farm. Soon, those rituals ring a bell from their past, unleashing dark sins and unfortunate events from the past of the six men. As the story unfolds, their awoken past turns everything around.
Khaled AlMaani
Khaled Al Naimi
Mohamed Saleh
Eissa Arab
Screenwriter: Yaser Alneyadi
DOP: Ali Bin Matar
Editor: Ali Bin Matar
Raed Ballan
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Ali Bin Matar
Yaser Alneyadi
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Al Ain Film Festival, UAE
film awards
Special mention for Editing - Al Ain film Festival, UAE