When the Sea was Blue

Director: Amr Elseyoufi
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Made its World premiere at Aswan International Women Film Festival
It is inspired by personal experiences from the life of the director.
Highlights the social status of several women in the Arab world.
When the Sea was Blue Poster
2021/ Egypt10 min/ Drama
Original Title
Lama Kan Albahr Azraq
Mariam is a woman in her forties who feels burdened by the daily routine and boredom. The over-use of technology by people surrounding her puts a barrier in-between her and everyone else. One day she decides to break the dullness by taking the boldest decision in her life.
Heba Abdelghany
Mahmoud Hamdi
Nicole Iskander
Adam Zayed
Screenwriter: Mohamed Zayed
DOP: Joseph Karam
Editor: Mohamed Mamdouh
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Amr Elseyoufi
film festivals
Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt