Hold up Moroccan

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The film tacks the critical issue of economic housing sarcastically.
This is Ahmed Tahiri Idrissi’s first feature film
Hold up Moroccan Poster
2019/ Morocco94 min/ Comedy
Original Title
Braquage a La Marocaine
The film revolves around a poor family, who lives in a shantytown and struggles with the difficulties of living. They sought to obtain a bank loan to buy an economical apartment. Things don’t go as planned, so Haniyeh, the elder sister and her husband Ibrahim, comes up with a wicked new plan to save themselves. Be that as it may, they find themselves face to face with the director of the banking institution who could ruin everything for them!
Fatima Zahra Banacer
Karim Saïdi
Screenwriter: Ahmed Tahiri Idrissi
DOP: Ziad Yahyaoui
Editor: Ahmed Tahiri Idrissi
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Ahmed Tahiri Idrissi