Director: Hamza Al-Khatib
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Gives an insightful look into the lives of cancer fighters following a unique romantic story
Inspired by real-life stories
Screened at l’Institut Français de Tunisie as part of the 7th Tunisia Karama - Human Screen Festival
Samia Poster
2021/ Jordan13 min/ Drama
Samia — a young aspiring dancer — is diagnosed with cancer and, after undergoing treatment, begins the tough journey of mental and physical changes that cause her to withdraw from life and isolate herself. Her illness also takes its toll on her husband Samir, who tries to support her, but she pushes him away. When Samir notices that music still attracts Samia’s attention, he tries to use it to lift her spirit and bring her out of her isolation.
Is’haq Elias
Hayat Abu Samra
Screenwriter: Hamza Alkhatib
DOP: Qassam Obaid
Editor: Mohammed Haniyyah - Osama Alhasan
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Production Company(ies)
Abu Lughod Studios
Dima Toukan
film festivals
International Short and Independent Film Festival, Bangladesh
Tunisia Karama - Human Screen Festival