Director: Manal Khaled
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The first Egyptian film to be selected at the South By Southwest Festival in the USA in 10 years.
Based on true stories.
Supported by a huge fanbase and crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.
An authentic and raw portrayal of the social realities in Egypt.
The film screened at a number of international festivals, including Amman International Film Festival, and Mostra de València –Cinema del Mediterrani.
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2021/ Egypt77 min/ Drama
Original Title
Hammam Sokhn
In Trapped, a group of women coming from different social backgrounds, find themselves trapped by their quest for freedom. The film tackles the broader sense of getting trapped sometimes in one’s own thoughts. The entrapment here is not necessarily limited to the concrete walls and shackles, but it is sometimes imposed by the inner conflicts and ideas.
The women share similar dreams of breaking free from the social constraints, however their different social backgrounds create a contrast when it comes to the levels of awareness, openness and methods to rebel against their present realities.
Coroline Khalil
Sara'a Jebel
Osama Abo El Ata
Zeina Mansour‎
Reem Hegab
Rajwa Hamed
Mona Mokhtar
Tharaa Goubail
Ne’ma Mohsen
Habiba Effat
Farah Maged (child)
Fadel El Garhy (guest appearance)
Screenwriter: Rasha Azab- Manal Khaled
DOP: Zbigniew Rybczynski- Tarek Hefny- Mahmoud Lotfi
Editor: Rania Montaser
Music: Raad Khalaf
Sound Engineer: Gasser Khourshed-Tamer El-Demerdash
Mixing: Mohamed Fawzy
Production Heads: Eslam Nageh-Mohamed Felfel-Mohamed Al Shahat
Production Supervisor: Ayman Makram
Production Designer: Mohamed El Abd
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Manal Khaled
film festivals
Tunisia Karama - Human Screen Festival, Tunisia
South by Southwest Film Festival, USA (World premiere)
El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt (A 13-minute shortened version)
Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Beirut
Palestine Cinema Days,Palestine
Mostra de València –Cinema del Mediterrani, Spain
Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film,Jordan
San Diego Arab Film Festival, USA
Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain
Festival de Cine por Mujeres, Madrid
Arabsik Filmfest in Norway
film awards
Best Feature Film, Tunisia Karama - Human Screen Festival, Tunisia
“A powerful story of women trying to fight for their freedom and finding hope in the person next to them”
“Touching and hopeful.”
Décio Gonçalves- Cineaddiction

“Trapped is a powerful, inspiring and radical work that makes one excited to see what Khaled will come up with next.”
Peter Sobczynski- The Spool

“The film creates a light, implicit and smooth portrayal of the spontaneous revolutionary connection that fused Egyptians from different social and intellectual backgrounds.”
Mohamed Al Zakzok-Romman Magazine