The Woodman

Director: Koutaiba Al-Janabi
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Received post-production funding from the Cairo Film Connection and the Doha Film Fund.
The film’s director helmed a number of films that garnered prestigious awards, including First prize from London Independent Motion Picture Awards, UK.
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2021/ Iraq - UK - Qatar 76 min/ Thriller
Original Title
Ragol Alkhashab
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The film revolves around a human-sized wooden doll who is forced to flee its homeland and its fate crosses with the fates of several characters to provide a vivid picture from the hearts and minds of all those compelled to flee their homelands.
Mihaly Palko
Hanna Heffner
Screenwriter: Koutaiba AL-Janabi
DOP: Koutaiba AL-Janabi
Editor: Hugh Williams
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Production Company(ies)
Real Art Pictures Limited
Koutaiba Al-Janabi
film festivals
Seville Independent Film Festival, Spain
film awards
The Bronze Award in the Narrative Films category - Seville Independent Film Festival, Spain
“The editing and the cinematography make the audience delve into the Woodman’s mind and soul.”
Alaa Al Mefarg y - Al Mada Paper (Arabic)