Director: Bolotnikov Ivan
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The film received funding from the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation (in pre-production).
This is the second film of the Russian director Ivan Bolotnikov whose debut film Kharms won the Best Screenplay award at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).
Based on a true story
The film explores the gruesomeness of wars and fanaticism.
Palmyra Poster
2020/ Russia85 min/ Drama
Original Title
Based on a true story, Arthur, a former military doctor, leads the quiet life of a widower in a mountain village in Dagestan. Arthur learns that his only daughter Maryam has been recruited by a terrorist organization and ran away to Syria. The father decides to follow her, willing to do what it takes to save her.
Geza Morcsányi
Ekaterina Kramarenko
Daniela Stojanovic
Darius Gumauskas
Vagif Kerimov
Screenwriter: Konstantin Lopushansky
Vyacheslav Rybakov
Denis Gutsko
Ivan Bolotnikov
DOP: Ayrat Yamilov
Editor: Anna Mass
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Production Company(ies)
Proline Film
Andrey Sigle
film festivals
Busan International Film Festival, South Korea
Europe Film Festival, online