Director: Hussam Alhulwah
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Landed its international premiere at the Tampere Film Festival, one of Europe’s most prominent short film festivals.
The film sheds light on the discrepancies between generations within the modern-day Saudi community.
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2019/ Saudi Arabia20 min/ Drama
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Khaled and his father represent two very different generations of contemporary Saudi society. When Khaled’s mother is hospitalized, the two start to find themselves physically closer than usual, but at the same time never further apart emotionally. With so little in common, Khaled’s father becomes fixated on his son’s religious obligations which only deepens their disconnection.
Mohammed Alyaya
Nasser Alrubiaan
Screenwriter: Hussam Alhulwah
DOP: Amine Messadi
Editor: Nadia Touijer
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Production Company(ies)
Last Scene Films
Mohammed Alhamoud
Hussam Alhulwah
film festivals
Saudi Film Festival, Saudi Arabia
Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Alexandria Short Film Festival, Egypt
film awards
Golden Palm for Best Director Award, Saudi Film Festival, Saudi Arabia