Director: Ayman Abdelhameed
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Directed by Ayman Abdelhameed, who won an award at AFAC’s Why Culture? Video Competition for his film Red Card
Addresses one of the most critical issues in the Arab world — the social misconceptions towards the reasons behind late pregnancy and society’s attitude towards women experiencing late pregnancy
Promotes awareness about the importance of science and modern technology to address late pregnancy issues
Zeina Poster
2021/ Egypt17 min/ Drama
Zeina is an Egyptian farmer who faces a lot of pressure from her husband and his family due to her infertility.
To save her own skin, she resorts to superstitions along with other means to get pregnant.
Hager Elsharnouby
Mohammed Ali
Islam Said
Amal Eid
Screenwriter: Ayman Abdelhameed
DOP: Ziad Abd elbaset
Editor: Kotb Abdelrahim
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Production Company(ies)
Elsaid Clinic
Islam Said
film festivals
International Short and Independent Film Festival, Bangladesh
Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival, Online