Our River...Our Sky

Director: Maysoon Pachachi
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Had a full house screening for its world premiere screening at the 27th edition of Sarajevo Film Festival
Lands its Arab World Premiere at Cairo International Film Festival
One of 12 European fiction projects that were invited to the virtual screening event "Coming Soon" by Meeting Point Vilnius in Lithuania.
Developed at EAVE Producers Workshop, the film received support from many reputable film organizations, including MEDIA Creative Europe, MEDIA Mundus, Dubai Entertainment & Media Organisation (DEMO), Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), SANAD Film Fund (Abu Dhabi Film Festival), Doha Film Institute, Bread for the World, CNC/Institut Français, Aide aux cinémas du Monde, Visions Sud Est (Suisse), Eurimages, and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Cinéma.
Screened at over 8 international film festivals
Our River...Our Sky Poster
2021/ Iraq - France - UK - Germany - Kuwait - UAE - Qatar117 min/ Drama
Original Title
Kulshi Makoo
The narrative in Our River…Our Sky (aka Kulshi Makoo in Arabic) is set against a background of sectarian violence in the last week of 2006, between Christmas and the Adha Eid. It tells the stories of ordinary Iraqis trying to live their everyday lives in Baghdad, the capital; despite unpredictable violent events, which put them in peril. Sara, a single mother and novelist, shocked into silence by the surrounding violence, has been unable to write one word of fiction. Shortly before the New Year, following unexpected news, Sara and her neighbors brace themselves for an uncertain future while trying to sustain a fragile sense of hope.
Darina AL Joundi
Zainab Joda
Amed Hashimi
Meriam Abbas
Screenwriter: Maysoon Pachachi & Irada Al Jabbouri
DOP: Jonathan Bloom
Editor: Alexandre Donot
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Production Company(ies)
Les Contes Modernes
Oxymoron Films
Linked Productions
Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion
Patrice Nezan
Laurent Versini
Maysoon Pachachi
Talal Al Muhanna
Alexander Ris
film festivals
Selected in workshops as a project in post-production in the following festivals:
Festival International du Film d'Amiens, France.
Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia.
Venice International Film Festival, Italy.
El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt.
Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden.
Arab Film Festival, USA
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
Slemani International Film Festival, Iraq
Franco Arab Film Festival, Baghdad
Malmo Arab Film Festival, Sweden
film awards
IWC Schaffhausen Script Award at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE.
The Cell Group Award (a prize of Master DCP service worth USD 5,000) at the Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden.
"Set in the last week of 2006, it is an ensemble piece focusing on the lives of ordinary citizens trying to survive the occupation while coming to terms with the Saddam era." Bidisha - The Guardian

“A fiction writer (played with great charm and heart by Darina Al Joundi), compelled to earn money by translating her neighbors’ entreaties to American authorities while raising her daughter with the erstwhile help of her mother, embodies the warmth that permeates the film.” Michael Fox-KQED

“The cinematic elements of the film; cinematography, acting, and techniques, make it one of a few Iraqi cinematic achievements that captivates its audience with its honesty and daring content.” Kais Kassem - The New Arab (Arabic)

“One of a few films that tackles the Iraqi scene within the years of the factional fighting using a convincing cinematic style that poses questions about what is happening and happened before.” Kais Kassem - Aljazeera.net