Director: Dahlia Nemlich
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Selected at Clermont Ferrand Film Market, France
World premiered at El Gouna Film Festival
The film touches on some political aspects that ignited the 2019 Lebanese revolution.
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2020/ Lebanon16 min/ Drama
Original Title
Beirut 2019- during the revolution. On her way back from a protest, Farah, a Lebanese activist, and her French-Lebanese boyfriend Anthony are stopped at a roadblock held by two armed militiamen who have a bone to pick with Farah.
Ahmed Hammadi Chassin
Julian Farhat
Pascale Seigneurie
Mohamad Yassine
Screenwriter: Pascale Seigneurie
DOP: Fatma Racha Shehadeh
Editor: Adam Jammal
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Production Company(ies)
Dewberries Films
Marine Vaillant
film festivals
El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt
Asiatica Film Festival, Italy
Clermont Ferrand Film Market, France
Jerusalem Arab Film Festival, Palestine
Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden