Ban hour

Director: Ahmed Wafik
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The film is a crime thriller that documents one of the most critical periods in modern da human history, the Covid 19 outbreak.
The film uses metaphors to depict the scene in the third world following the Covid 19 pandemic.
The film has a star-studded cast including Mohamed Ezz and Amr Wahba.
Ban hour Poster
2021/ Egypt13 min/ Crime
Original Title
Sa’et El Hazr
Set against the backdrop of Covid 19 pandemic, two young men and a woman break into their friend’s house to rob his money and run away with it. Things spiral out of control when they are stuck at his home in a mandatory lockdown.
Mohamed Ezz
Amr Wahba
Eman Salama
Magdy El Bahaty
Screenwriter: Kareem Sorour
DOP: Hisham Halmy
Editor: Amr Meeky
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Ahmed Wafik