Nanny Culture

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The film shows how an Emirati family can accept another culture and its insistence on the commitment of British nannies to the customs and traditions of the UAE and Islam as far as raising children is concerned, and how a British nanny can adapt to her new work environment.
It got officially selected to participate in more than 50 film festivals around the world.
Features social media personality Abdulaziz Al Jassmi (Bin Baz), as well as musician and singer Omara "Bombino" Moctar, who contributed his song "Tim Tar".
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2016/ UAE80 min/ Documentary, Social
Original Title
Nanny Culture
An Emirati family in Abu Dhabi temporarily hires the services of a British nanny to help them organize their six children’s daily activities and study schedules. This leads to resentment between the nanny and the children, especially after changing their daily routines. The film reveals the details of the relationships and interactions between different cultures in one household.
Abdulaziz Al Jassmi (Bin Baz)
Omara "Bombino" Moctar
Screenwriter: Alyazia Bint Nahyan
DOP: ‎Paul James Driscoll
Editor: ‎Basel Al Awad
Bhulla Sing Bhegal
Paul James Driscoll
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Production Company(ies)
Anasy Media
Sheikha Alyazia Bint Nahyan Al Nahyan
film festivals
Silk Road Film Festival, Ireland
Verona International Film Festival, Italy
Berlin International Cinefest, Germany
Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Lunenburg Doc Fest, Canada
Bristol International Film Festival, UK
Toronto Arthouse Film Festival, Canada
Amsterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands
British Documentary Film Festival, UK
Italy International Film Festival, Italy
Jacksonville Documentary Film Festival, USA
VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival, Austria
Boston International Film Festival, USA
Wales International Documentary Festival, UK
World of Film International Festival Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Australia
Third Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong
Berlin Independent Film Festival, Germany
Las Vegas Film Festival, USA
Miami Beach Film Festival, USA
Beverly Hills Film Festival, USA
WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Festival, USA
London Film Awards, UK
Athens International Film and Video Festival, USA
Oxford International Film Festival, USA
Festival International du Film Documentaire Millenium, Belgium
Hong Kong World International Film Festival, Hong Kong
Euro Cinema Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland
Kuala Lumpur Independent Film Festival, Malaysia
SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York, USA
New Zealand International Film Awards, New Zealand
Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Germany
Festival L’ici et l’ailleurs Saint Martin en Bresse, France
Oran International Arabic Film Festival, Algeria
ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Germany
Independent Film Festival Boston, USA
Maryland Film Festival, USA
Sydney World Film Festival, Australia
Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Australia
American Movie Awards, USA
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, USA
Hollywood Film Competition, USA
film awards
Best Documentary Feature at the American Movie Awards, USA
Best Documentary and Inspiring Woman in a Film Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, USA
Gold Award for Documentary Feature at the Hollywood Film Competition, USA
“From British director Paul James Driscoll comes Nanny Culture, a truly original documentary that lifts the lid on the private yet rapidly expanding world of the professional nanny in the UAE.” Sarah Sutton - The Upcoming

“This is a film that is sure to pique the interest of cultural commentators, potential nannies and those families thinking of hiring their very own “Mary Poppins”.” Kaleem Aftab - The National

“Overall, Nanny Culture certainly merits a watch. It is both funny and educational, emotional and awkward.” Mirek Gosney - The Edge