Hummus and Chips

Director: Ahmed Moghazy
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The film highlights isolation and racism-topics that are relatable to many audiences and widely stigmatized within the Arab region.
Shot by award-winning cinematographer Rui Jiang, Ong who previously won awards, including Best Cinematographer of the Month - Asian Cinematography Awards.
Hummus and Chips Poster
2022/ Egypt14 min/ Comedy
Set against the backdrops of Covid19 lockdown, grumpy racist grandma Margaret is lonely and anxious waiting for her Corona virus test result. For this reason, she will make an unusual decision and spend a full day with her Arab neighbor Bashar. Will this encounter go smooth?
Bashar Zeedan
Maggie Bourgein
Lara Assi
Screenwriter: Ahmed Moghazy
DOP: Rui Jiang, Ong
Editor: Ahmed Moghazy
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Ahmed Moghazy
Clarissa Itschert