Hummus and Chips

Director: Ahmed Moghazy
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The film highlights isolation and racism – topics that are relatable to many audiences and widely stigmatized within the Arab region
Shot by award-winning cinematographer Rui Jiang Ong, who previously won awards, including Best Cinematographer of the Month at the Asian Cinematography Awards
Hummus and Chips Poster
2022/ Egypt14 min/ Comedy
Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown, grumpy racist grandma Margaret is lonely and anxiously waiting for her coronavirus test results. She then makes an unusual decision to spend a full day with her Arab neighbor, Bashar. Will this encounter go smoothly?
Bashar Zeedan
Maggie Bourgein
Lara Assi
Screenwriter: Ahmed Moghazy
DOP: Rui Jiang, Ong
Editor: Ahmed Moghazy
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Ahmed Moghazy
Clarissa Itschert
film festivals
Lavazza IncluCity Festival, Canada
Meta Film Festival, UAE