The Life After

Director: Anis Djaad
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Helmed by award-winning director
Selected at the Final Cut in Venice Workshop
Supported by AFAC, Takmil workshop and CNC
Highlights the plight of women in conservative and judgmental societies.
The Life After Poster
2021/ Algeria105 min/ Drama
Original Title
La vie d'après
Set in Algeria, a widow and her only son have to move from a village to another to escape rumors and harassments. When they finally settle in a place and find work, their lives will take another drastic turn. Will it be for the worse or the better?
Lydia Larini
Ahmed Belmoumane
Djemel Barek
Samir El Hakim
Screenwriter: Anis Djaad
DOP: Ahmed Talantikite
Editor: Valérie Pico
Production Company(ies)
Alegria Production
Delici Moncef