Customary Session

Director: Elhamy Fyroz
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Tackles an unfamiliar topic in the Arab world about the AIDS disease
Customary Session Poster
2020/ Egypt15 min/ Drama
Original Title
Galsa Orfia
A housewife who lives in a popular district discovers that she has AIDS, transmitted to her by her husband, a drug addict. The people of the neighborhood stand together to deport them from the area out of fear of infection. In reaction to the attitude of her neighbors the housewife commits suicide.‬
Mahmod Fares, Yara Mahdy, Manal Yousry


Screenwriter: Elhamy fyroz
DOP: Crolos talat
Editor: Nada Elsbaay

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Elhamy Fyroz

film festivals
Arab Short Film Festival, Lebanon
International Short and Independent Film Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh