Director: Yazid Eldaly
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World premiered in the Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival
A psychological drama on domestic violence and poverty
Highlights the causes that make women more prone to developing mental disorders
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2023/ Egypt8 min/ Psychological Drama
Original Title
Hagar Me’asel
Badreya, a poor housemaid, lives with her abusive, unemployed husband Hassanein.
Swamped in poverty and domestic violence, Badreya decides to break free from her sad reality and buy herself a nice present. When her husband notices the present, a series of events unfold.
Shaimaa Farouk
Ashraf Ramzi


Screenwriter: Yazid Eldaly
DOP: Nourallah Elnouby
Editor: Ahmed Tawfik

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Production Company(ies)
All of Us Productions

Yazid Eldaly, Mahmoud Elnouby

film festivals
Sharm El-Sheikh Film Festival