Salma's Home

Director: Hanadi Elyan
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World premiered at the Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival, where it won Best Feature Film
Premiered in Jordan’s Taj Cinemas
Won the 2019 Jordan Film Fund for Post-Production
Directed by award-winning filmmaker Hanadi Elyan
Available on Netflix
Salma's Home Poster
2022/ Jordan95 min/ Comedy, Drama
Original Title
Bait Salma
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After Bakri’s passing, his ex-wife, daughter, and new wife are shocked to find out that the only way they can guarantee their share of the inheritance is to live together under one roof.
Juliet Awad
Rania Kurdi
Sameera Asir
Firas Taybeh


Screenwriter: Hanadi Elyan
DOP: Marcus Patterson
Editor: Hanadi Elyan

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Production Company(ies)
Reel LA Productions

Nathan Bennett

film festivals
Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival, US
Atlanta Film Festival, US
Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden
The Arab Film Festival at Arab American National Museum, US
Heartland International Film Festival, US
Boston Palestine Film Festival, US
The Austin Film Festival, US
Arab Film Festival, US
film awards
Best Feature Film at Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival
Narrative Feature Audience Award at Austin Film Festival
“Salma’s Home, is one of those films that makes you laugh, cry, and learn — how to love and cherish family and count your blessings.”
Israa Radaydeh — Jordan News

“All elements of the film deserve to be watched, and director Hanadi Elyan should be encouraged to go through the experience of making a feature film.”
Ola Alsheikh — Raseef22

“captivating and sharply-honed character study about two very different widows.”
Tim Molloy — MovieMaker

“A carefully crafted drama that feels like home.”
Emilie Black — Cinema Crazed