Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous

Director: Wissam Charaf
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Supported by the Italian Ministry for Culture (MiC), the French-Speaking Film Fund - OIF, the Doha Film Institute and the CNC.
The director’s first feature film was selected at the ACID section of Cannes Film Festival.
Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous Poster
2021/ France90 min/ Drama
Original Title
حديد نحاس بطاريات
Roaming the streets of Beirut searching for metal objects to be recycled, Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, thought he’d find love with Mehdia, an Ethiopian domestic. But in this city, such a story seems almost impossible. Will this couple be able to find the way to freedom given that Ahmed suffers a mysterious illness that slowly turns his body into metal?
Clara Couturet
Ziad Jallad
Rifaat Tarabay
Darina Al Joundi
Screenwriter: Wissam Charaf, Hala Dabaji, Mariette Désert
DOP: Martin Rit
Editor: Clémence Diard
Production Company(ies)
Aurora Films
Charlotte Vincent, Pierre Sarraf
film festivals
Venice International Film Festival, Italy
film awards
Wins Europa Cinemas Award in Venice International Film Festival