The Day He Died

Director: Mohamed Malek
The Day He Died Poster
2021/ Egypt17 min/ Drama, Suspense
Original Title
Youm Mot Al-Rajol
After two years of marriage, lawyer Khaled lives a hectic life with his wife, Farida, until an anonymous letter reaches him questioning his wife’s infidelity. Since Khaled has no evidence, he ignores the message and continues his normal life until he receives a second one that provides him evidence, which is a missing card from their 52-card deck. Khaled can’t find the missing card, so he swipes all the cards and thinks about a decision.
Believing in Farida, he thinks that the messages are a trick by Farida’s cousin. At this point, he arranges with one of the criminals to kidnap him, and in the process of the investigation, Khaled receives a third message telling him that the one he is looking for, is already in the room with his wife now.
Ahmed Aly
Donna Emam
Screenwriter: Ahmed Samy
DOP: Mohamed Khaled
Editor: Mohamed Fouad