Director: Driss Roukhe
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First Morrocan film to be commercially released in Saudi Arabia
Was screened in French cinemas
Lost Poster
2021/ Morocco126 min/ Thriller, Crime
Original Title
Jrada Malha
Rania is a young woman who finds herself amidst a conspiracy; she has been programmed and manipulated by members of a mysterious organization to serve as a lab rat in an experiment carried out by these people for a very specific purpose. A whole protocol was set up to shape her and create the desired character.
Stripped of her life and souvenirs and left with confusing memories and a suffocating present, Rania decides to set off in search of her true life. A life lost in a plot to rule the world through the conditioning of high-ranking personalities. A well-crafted scheme to monitor, govern, and rule.
Mouna R'miki
Adnane Mouhejja
Driss Roukhe
Abderrahim El-Maniari
Screenwriter: Adnane Mouhajja, Driss Roukhe
DOP: Luca Coassin
Editor: Ayoub Jaddad
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Production Company(ies)
Folks Box
Adam Majdoul
film festivals
Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, Egypt
Festival National du Film Tanger, Morocco
Toronto Film Channel Festival, Canada
Buffalo International Film Festival, US
Amsterdam Film Festival, Netherlands
Rabat International Festival of Film, Morocco
Durban International Film Festival, South Africa
Montreal Independent Film Festival, Canada
Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria
Toronto Film and Script Awards, Canada
Athens International Digital Film Festival, Greece
Antakya International Film Festival, Turkey
film awards
Best Director Award at Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival
Jury award for Best Narrative Feature at Toronto Film Channel
Best First Work Award at Festival National du Film Tanger’s Feature Films Competition
“A Breathtaking Enjoyable Experience”
Canadian Press

“A film worth watching, discussing, and writing about.”
Abdel-Ellah Gowahry

“LOST is a movie well worth watching if you appreciate mind-bending dramas.”
Barry Meehan - Artsmart

“The dynamic rhythm in the movie barely gives us the chance to relax, as it takes us on a journey with the protagonist to search for the truth.”
Walid Saif - Mahttmsr