Director: Driss Roukhe
Lost Poster
2021/ Morocco126 min/ Thriller, Crime
Original Title
Jrada Malha
Ranya is a young woman who finds herself at the center of a conspiracy, she has been «programmed» and manipulated by members of a mysterious organization, to serve as a lab rat in an experiment carried out by these people for a very specific purpose. A whole protocol was set up to shape her and create the desired character.
Stripped of her life and souvenirs, with a confused memory and a suffocating present, Ranya decides to set off in search of her true life. A life lost in a plot to rule the world through the conditioning of high-ranking personalities. A well-crafted scheme to monitor, govern and rule.
Driss Roukhe
Mouna R'miki
Abderrahim El Maniari
Adnane Mouhajja
Screenwriter: Adnane Mouhajja, Driss Roukhe
DOP: Luca Coassin
Editor: Ayoub Jaddad
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Production Company(ies)
Folks Box
Adam Majdoul