El-Remaya House

Director: Mohammed El-Samman
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Reflects on how miscommunication could lead to catastrophic consequences.
El-Remaya House Poster
2020/ Egypt60 min/ Social, Thriller
Original Title
Beit Al Remaya
Adel gets out of prison and searches for a place to live. To help him, his friend offers him his father’s house, which is very old and has been unoccupied for years. After living in the house, Adel starts hearing strange sounds and becomes curious to know the source of these sounds.
Mohamed Yorka,
Zeina Zain,
Ahmed Negm,
Pussy Khaled
Screenwriter: Mohamed ElSamman
DOP: Moahmoud El Nemr
Editor: Wael Arbab
Production Company(ies)
Shoot Production Agency
Ahmed Badrawi