I'm Not Lakit

Director: Marie Surae
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Tackles the issue of illegitimate and abandoned children's right to a normal life, an issue that is widely stigmatized within the Arab region
Helmed by Marie Surae, whose Cannes selected short, THE LAST ONE, won nine awards
Received FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival Pitching 2021, Transilvania IFF Pitch 2021
I'm Not Lakit Poster
2022/ Lebanon - Romania74 min/ Documentary, Drama
Saleh is a man who lives in an old house in the mountains near the Lebanese city of Byblos and does not belong to a family or a religious sect in a society where such criteria define a human being.
Worse, he lacks a nationality and a passport, he even lacks the right to live his life as an ordinary citizen since he is labeled as a ’lakit’ of unknown ancestry.
Father Majdi Allawi
Jean-Paul Salameh
Judge Rana Akoum
Jacqueline Ibrahim
Isabelle Chbeir Ayoub


Screenwriter: Marie Surae
DOP: Marius Panduru
Editor: Marie Surae

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Production Company(ies)
Né à beyrouth Films

Perre Sarraf, Vlad Radulesku

film festivals
Beirut International Women's Film Festival, Lebanon
Hollywood Arab Film Festival, US
Lebanese Film Festival, Canada
Lebanese Film Festival, Australia
Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Armenia,
Radiant Angel International Film Festival, Russia
Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema, Russia