A House In Jerusalem

Director: Muayad Alayan
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Held its world premiere at the 2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam
Supported by the Hubert Bals Fund, the Berlinale World Cinema Fund, and the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)
A House In Jerusalem Poster
2023/ Palestine, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Qatar104 min/ Suspense, Drama
Original Title
Beit fel Quds
Young Rebecca is forced to move with her father from the UK to Jerusalem in the hopes that a new beginning can help her heal from her mother’s sudden death.
Soon after settling into an old house in a neighborhood known as the Valley of the Ghosts, a series of mysterious events occur that Rebecca takes the blame for. Diving deep into the mystery of the house and the mystical city of Jerusalem, Rebecca sets out on an enigmatic journey to discover what hides in the shadows of the house.
Johnny Harris
Makran Khoury
Souad Feres
Miley Locke
Sheherazade Makhoul Farrell


Screenwriters: Rami Alayan and Muayad Alayan
DOP: Sebastian Bock
Editors: Zakaria Zahrani and Mehdi Bouaroua

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Production Company(ies)
Metafora Production
Red Balloon
Wellington Films
Key Film

Rachel Robey
Muayad Alayan
Dorothe Beinemeier
Hanneke Niens
Giorgos Karnavas
Alastair Clark
Rami Alayan
Abeer Salman

film festivals
International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Seattle International Film Festival, US
Galway Film Fleadh
Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
Mostra de Valencia—Cinema del Mediterrani, Spain
Boston Palestine Film Festival, US
Athens Palestine Film Festival, Greece
Palestinian Film Festival, Australia
Mostra Mundo Árabe de Cinema, Brazil
Seoul International Children's Film Festival, South Korea
Golden Rooster Awards, China
“Novelistic in scope and intimate in treatment, Muayad Alayan's A House in Jerusalem is a heartfelt exploration of personal and historical memory presented through the tremendously moving point of view of a bereaved child.”
Srikanth Srinivasan — International Film Festival Rotterdam

“Discreet and wonderfully in tune with the film's atmosphere is the original music composed by Alex Simu, who knows when to start and when to take a break.”
Marina D. Ritcher — Asian Movie Plus

“The creative duo Muayad and Rami Alayan craft a touching coming-of-age tale exploiting some well-known tropes about loss and trauma but in a fresh, powerful fashion.”
Davide Abbatescianni — Cineuropa

“A familiar-seeming supernatural story enlivened by a strong political streak.”
Neil Young — Screen Daily

“A melancholy picture that makes use of the supernatural without being outlandish.”
Berend Jan Bockting — Volkskrant
"Brilliantly tells how Palestinians had no choice but to abandon their lands in 1948."
Bellinda Van de Graaf — Trouw