Insulated Door

Director: Eslam Rozza
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Starring Egyptian superstar Injy El Mokkaddem
Insulated Door Poster
2020 / Egypt32 min/ Drama
Original Title
Bab Ma’zoul
Hazem, a young man, falls in love with Angie, an older woman who is a voice coach and an owner of a studio. Soon, their relationship develops when they are locked in a closed studio at the time of a murder. However, their relationship takes another turn when Hazem uncovers some secrets.
Injy El Mokkaddem
Ahmed Anan
Ibrahim Ghareeb
Salma Tarek
Screenwriter: Eslam Rozza
DOP: Joseph Louis
Editor: Ramez Atef
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Production Company(ies)
Order Production
Eslam Rozza, Ahmed Hosny
film festivals
Alexandria Film Festival, Egypt