Flesh and Blood

Director: Inès Arsi
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Shedding light on the issue of sexual violence and rape culture in a conservative and patriarchial society
Supported by AFAC and the Tunisian fund CNC
Produced by Tunisian filmmaker Mehdi Hmili who is known as the director of critically acclaimed shorts and feature films
Starred by BEAUTY AND THE DOGS actors; Noomen Hamda and Mourad Gharsalli
Flesh and Blood Poster
2022/ Tunisia19 min/ Drama
Original Title
دمي ولحمي
Victim of a rape by her young neighbor, Donia, 19, sees her life shattered when she realizes she is pregnant. Donia has one goal: aborting before it is too late.
Sana Lahbib
Mourad Gharsalli
Noomen Hamda
Scriptwriter: Inès Arsi
DOP: Lilia Sellami
Editor: Mohamed Mathlouthi
Production Company(ies)
Yol Film House
Mehdi Hmili