Director: Amjad Soussi
Homeless Poster
2022/ Egypt35 min/ Drama
Original Title
Bela Mawa
Belal lives in Egypt’s Omrania neighborhood with his dogs Roy, Shiba, France, and cats Sho-Sho, Lolo. The film follows Belal’s life, who has a mercy towards homeless animals in spite of his social obstacles. He takes care of them and makes his house as a shelter for them. We see how Belal was able to find adopters for his animals in the United Kingdom with the assistance of Anna, a Canadian girl of Chinese ancestry whom Belal met through a Facebook animal care group.
Belal Ibrahim
Ahmed El Gebaly
Amjad Soussi
Mahmoud El Nemr
Screenwriter: Amjad Soussi
DOP: Mahmoud El Nemr
Editor: Abdelmageid Saffan
Belal Ibrahim