As for the Weather

Director: Ahmed Haddad
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Dedicated to all panic attack fighters
Superstar Riham Abdel Ghafour made a guest appearance in the film
Discusses the life of a divorced man and how he copes with being out of his comfort zone
As for the Weather Poster
2022/ Egypt108 min/ Drama
Original Title
Ama A’n Halet Al Taqs
The film revolves around Hussien Shawqy who lives in the shadow of his ex-wife, Mona. He can’t break away from his past experience until Souad storms into his life. She’s a young and vibrant girl who forces him to break free from his isolation and discover life. Together, they decide to make a documentary on women in which they delve into the lives of three different women.
Kariman Hegazy
Hanan Youssef
Hassan El Geretly
Ahmed Haddad
Farida El Gready
Asser El Badrawy
Screenwriter: Ahmed Haddad
DOP: Ramzy Edmon
Editor: Ahmed Haddad, Maged Makram
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