For My Country

Director: Rachid Hami
For My Country Poster
2022/ France - Taiwan113 min/ Drama
Original Title
لأجل وطني
An Algerian-born young officer named Aissa tragically dies during the freshman initiation ritual at the elite French military institution of Saint-Cyr. Controversy emerges over Aissa’s funeral plans as his death rips through his family and the army refuses to take responsibility. His elder, a more rebellious brother, Ismael, works to keep the family together while they seek justice for Aissa.
Hugo Becker
Karim Leklou
Alicia Hava
Lubna Azabal
Shaïn Boumedine
Slimane Dazi
Samir Guesmi
Laurent Lafitte
Vivian Sung
Souhade Temimi
Elyes Aguis
Screenwriter: Rachid Hami, Ollivier Pourriol
DOP: Jérôme Almeras
Editor: Joëlle Hache
Production Company(ies)
Mizar Films
Nicolas Mauvernay
film festivals
Venice International Film Festival
Stockholm International Film Festival
Cairo International Film Festival
“It’s an emotive set-up but told in an unsentimental fashion.”

“The director’s strength lies in his depiction of the domestic, and the way he integrates the family’s faith into the film helps to root his story in a firm reality.”

“But the genius of the film lies in the fact that the story is told in a way that allows the viewer to fill in the silences.”

“Pain emerges clearly and intensely due to the admirable management of the feelings that bind and divide the characters of the story.”
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