My Driver and I

Director: Ahd Kamel
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Director Ahd Kamel’s short SANCTITY (2013) was the first-ever Saudi film to compete at the Berlinale
A heart-wrenching tale that shows the overlap of Sudanese society in Saudi Arabia like never before
Starring Mustafa Shehata of YOU WILL DIE AT TWENTY, Sudan’s first-ever Oscar-submission
Supported by the UK Global Screen Fund and Red Sea Fund
My Driver and I Poster
2024 TBD/ Saudi Arabia, UK100 min/ Drama
Original Title
Saeqi Wa Ana
Salma is a young, privileged, and rebellious Saudi girl whose family hires a Sudanese man named Gamar to drive her to and from her day-to-day activities.
Initially adhering to a simple employer/employee dynamic, Salma and Gamar’s relationship quickly evolves into an intimate personal friendship that bonds them through her teenage years and beyond, but their friendship is put to the test when Salma gets older and starts taking the wheel.
Mustafa Shehata, Roula Dakheelallah, Rana Alamuddin, Qusai Kheder, Amjad Abu Alala


Screenwriter: Ahd Kamel
DOP: Frida Marzouk
Editor: Andonis Trattos

Production Company(ies)
Caspian Films, Corniche Media, Odd Kamel Films

Georgie Paget and Thembisa Cochrane