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Kiss Me Not
Director: Ahmed Amer
A SANAD-supported daring film that follows the rise and fall of the kiss in Egyptian Cinema in a comedy that blurs the line between documentary and fiction.
The first Egyptian satirical mockumentary film.
The film contains the largest number of kissing scenes in the history of the Egyptian cinema.
The film co-stars Egyptian directors Mohamed Khan and Khairy Beshara.
2017/ Egypt80 MIN/ Comedy
Original Title
Balash Tebosni
A mockumentary that follows a young and ambitious Egyptian director who faces issues while shooting a kissing scene in his new film with the leading actress Fajr who decides to pursue a more religious path.
Yasmin Raeis
Mohamed Mahran
Sawsan Badr
Salwa Mohamed Ali
Ayda Reyad
Screenwriter: Ahmed Amer
Editor: Emad Maher
DOP: Houssam Shahine
Production Company(ies)
WIKA for Film Production and Distribution
Middle West Films
Dina Farouk
Wael Omar
World Premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival, UAE
Aswan International Women Film Festival, Egypt
Miami Film Festival, USA
Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
Special Mention at the Jounieh International Film Festival in Lebanon
“The film’s secular stance and casual daring uncover some of the mega-contradictions in Egyptian society.” The Hollywood Reporter - Deborah Young

"Kiss Me Not is nicely pacey, which suits its short running delivers plenty of engaging entertainment. From its animated opening credits sequence through to its satisfying ending, Kiss Me Not is a smartly made production." ScreenDaily - Mark Adams