Heroic Bodies

Director: Sara Suliman
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Landed its world premiere at IDFA (2022) and was the first Sudanese feature film to be chosen for the festival's "Frontlight" section
A powerful female documentary by women, for all women resisting and fighting for an equitable place in their societies
Screened in prestigious film festivals, winning two awards
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2022/ Sudan95 min/ Documentary
Original Title
Agsad Botolia
Sudanese women throughout the modern ages did not own their bodies until a group of women dared to stand up, utilizing their bodies as a means of resistance, transforming violated bodies into “Heroic Bodies.”
Aya Tariq
Yassin Raief
Ahmed Raief
Aya Ahmed


Screenwriter: Sara Suliman
DOP: Mohammed Adlan,Mansour Ahmed Omer, Muaz Osman, Salah Abdelmahmoud,Khalid Awad, Ladan Anoushfar, Mohamed Subahi, Faris Mohamedi
Editor: Emad Maher

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Production Company(ies)
Fenti Productions

Sara Suliman

film festivals
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
Malmö Arab Film Festival, Sweden
Jerusalem Arab Film Festival, Palestine
SAFAR Film Festival, UK
Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries, Egypt
Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania
Amman International Film Festival, Jordan
Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival, Lebanon
London International Film Festival, UK
film awards
Audience Award at the Malmö Arab Film Festival
Shireen Abu Akleh Best Documentary Film Award at the Jerusalem Arab Film Festival
“An important contribution to the liberation and self-determination of women in Sudan – and around the world.”
Nicole Santé — Business Doc Europe