Director: Aziz Shennawy
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Helmed by Aziz Shennawy, who is known for KORRINTY, which won the Award of Merit at the Global Shorts in Los Angeles
Headlined by Tunisian superstar Kmar Ben Soltane of Emna Najjar’s WALTZ OF THE DAWN and CHOUERREB 1, which was a great success in the 2018 Ramadan season
Shot by Hatem Nechik, who is known for Tunisia’s first horror movie — DACHRA
Sheds light on discrimination towards sub-Saharan immigrants in Tunisia (North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa)
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2023/ Tunisia14 min/ Short, Drama
Original Title
Al Shekara Wal Bahr
After 30-year-old Meriem decides to treat herself to a vacation, she finds the body of a Sub-Saharan African man drowned in front of her balcony that no one seems to care about.
Upon discovering the victim’s identity, Meriem has to make a decision.
Kmar Ben Soltane


Screenwriter: Aziz Shennawy
DOP: Hatem Nechi
Editor: Amor Kerkeni

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Genuine for Films and Entertainment

Tarek Marouani