Mar Mama

Director: Majdi El Omari
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Supported by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Arab Fund For Arts And Culture
Starring the award-winning Palestinian actor Ziad Bakri, who is known for SCREWDRIVER and Netflix’s THE WEEKEND AWAY
Offers a deeply personal and emotional exploration of the struggles faced by parents in war zones as they try to protect their children's well-being
Provides a unique insight into the local traditions and beliefs surrounding the Palestinian national figure Mar Jeris (Saint George)
Mar Mama Poster
2023/ Palestine15 min/ Short, Drama
Haunted by her mother’s death and recurring attacks by Israeli forces on her city, a young girl becomes obsessed with death. To distract her, her father makes a stop-motion film. However, his attempts fail and the girl finds nothing other than imagination to escape from reality.
Ziad Bakri
Lana Abu Srour


Screenwriter: Majdi El Omari
DOP:Ashraf Dowani
Editor: Majdi El Omari

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Production Company(ies)
Marsam 301-Phoenix Films

Majdi El Omari