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Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

Director: Sherif El Bendary
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The goat has a main role in the film that also introduces two acting prodigies; Ali Sobhi and Ahmed Magdy. The film received 7 funds and grants from different international organizations.
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2016/ Egypt - Qatar - France - UAE - Germany90 min/ Drama, Comedy
Original Title
Ali Me’za w Ibrahim
Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim follows a strange love story of a young man living in a rough neighborhood. He travels across Egypt on the recommendation of a psychic along with Ibrahim who is almost driven mad by the voices he hears in his head. Their journey turns into a voyage of friendship and self-discovery.
Ali Sobhi
Ahmed Magdy
Salwa Mohamed Aly
Nahed El Sebai
Screenwriter: Ahmed Amer
DOP: Amr Farouk
Editor: Emad Maher
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Production Company(ies)
Film Clinic
Transit Films
Arizona Productions
Mohamed Hefzy
Hossam Elouan
Daniel Ziskind
film festivals
film festivals Qumrah International Film Festival, Iraq
film festivals Mons International Love Film Festival, Belgium
film festivals Rendez- Vous with French Cinema, Paris
film festivals Sharm El-Sheikh Arab and European Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals AFAC Film Week, Morocco
film festivals Arab Film Festival Amman, Jordan
film festivals Arab Film Festival Australia
film festivals Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Arab Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands
film festivals Festival International du Film Transsaharien de Zagora, Morocco
film awards
film awards The Best Actor Award (Ali Sobhi) in the Muhr Feature competition at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)
Best Feature Film at the Malmö Arab Film Festival
3 awards as part of the Final Cut workshop within Venice International Film Festival:
10,000 Euros award presented by the Paris-based CNC foundation to be spent in post-production phase in France
10,000 Euros provided by the French Knightworks to be spent on the visual and special effects
10,000 Euros provided by Titra TVS in Paris to be spent on the digital colors correction, DCP bar and providing film subtitles into French or English.
“short-film director Sherif El Bendary’s feature debut brings together disparate elements for an unexpectedly warm-hearted finale that asserts the primacy of love in whatever form it may take.” Variety - Jay Weissberg

“A totally unexpected feature bow from well-known short filmmaker Sherif El Bendary, Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim (Ali Mea’za we Ibrahim) defies categorization.” Hollywood Reporter - Deborah Young