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Six directors and six actors projecting the spirit of the city of Alexandria.
The first Alexandrian independent feature film with little-to-no budget.
During the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival, it was selected by the Art Dubai Exhibition website as one of the films that have successfully mixed cinema with artistic vision.
The Mice Room  Poster
2013/ Egypt - UAE85 min/ Drama
Original Title
Oudet El Feeran
Taking the viewers to the beautiful city of Alexandria, the film brings the different stories of six people whose lives are intertwined because of their common emotions of fear, despair, and the compulsion of experimentation.
Hanan Youssef
Moustafa Darwish
Noura Saafan
Screenwriter: Hend Bakr
Mohamad El-Hadidi
Ahmed Magdy Morsy
Nermeen Salem
Mayye Zayed
Mohamed Zedan
DOP: Mohamad El-Hadidi
Mayye Zayed
Islam Kamal
Editor: Islam Kamal
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Production Company(ies)
Rufy's Films
Fig Leaf Studio
Hend Bakr
Mohamad El-Hadidi
Mark Lotfy
Ahmed Magdy Morsy
Nermeen Salem
Sameh Nabil
Nesrine Talaat
Ahmed Zayan
Mayye Zayed,
Mohamed Zedan
film festivals
World premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival, UAE
Luxor African Film Festival, Egypt
São Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
Arab Film Festival Hamburg, Germany
Haifa Independent Film Festival, Palestine
Sofia MENAR (Middle East & North Africa) Film Festival, Bulgaria
“A formless but fascinating experiment that aims to capture the spirit of the city of Alexandria.” Variety - Jay Weissberg

“Editor Islam Kamal deserves credit for making this project work at all, but it remains a compendium of six short films cleverly strung together.” The Hollywood Reporter- Deborah Young