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Villa Touma

Director: Suha Arraf
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Been to more than 50 international festival participations.
Received a Special Mention from the Union of Universities and Film Schools in Italy.
Reaped the Church of Iceland Award at Reykjavik Film Festival.
The director was listed in Variety Magazine's “Top 10 Screenwriters to Watch" and earned the Best Female Award at Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival.
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2014 / Palestine85 min/ Family, Romance
The film revolves around a Palestinian Christian family of three women (Violette, Juliette, and Antoinette) who live by being immersed in the past, isolated from Palestinian society enclosed in Villa Touma in Ramallah. Their niece Khadija, who had been raised on an orphanage, comes to live with them and they raise her as befitting an aristocratic family. They teach her French and piano. Violette (the oldest sister) searches for a groom for her as well, so that she doesn’t end up a spinster like them.
Nisreen Faour
Ula Tabari
Cherien Dabis
Screenwriter: Suha Arraf
DOP: Yaron Scharf
Editor: Arik Leibovitch
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Production Company(ies)
Suha Arraf
film festivals
film festivals World premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Italy
film festivals Palestinian Film Festival Australia
film festivals Reel Palestine, Dubai, UAE
film festivals Boston Palestine Film Festival, USA
film festivals Malmo Arab Film Festival (MAFF)
film festivals DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, USA
film festivals Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF), Canada
film festivals Sydney Film Festival, Australia
film festivals Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), USA
film awards
film awards Special Mention by the Film University and Institute Association at the Venice Film Festival
Church of Iceland Award at Reykjavik Film Festival
Best Actress Award (Maria Zreik) at the MedFilm Festival in Italy
Best Director Award (Suha Arraf) at the Women's International Film and Television Showcase in Los Angeles (WIFTS)
“Suha Arraf’s Villa Touma offers a world view that’s uniquely Palestinian yet very European.” The National - Kaleem Aftab

“The performance of the actresses in the film, with no exception, was impressive" Emirates Today - Ola Sheikh (Arabic)

"Digging into untold topics that no one likes to talk about," Al-Ayyam Newspaper, Palestine - Yousef Al Shayeb (Arabic)