Beta Version
Beirut of the Balkans
Director: Nicolas Khoury
Received the Doha Film Institute’s Fall Grant 2013.
Full House Lebanese Premiere at the Metropolis Cinema.
2015/ Lebanon - Qatar54 min/ Documentary
Original Title
Beirut Al Balkan
An amazing discovery will determine Ahmad to take a difficult and important decision, which will change the course of his life and the life of his family. In the same time this decision will create an exceptional portray of Beirut today and give Ahmad the opportunity to enter again the world of the old Beirut (before 1975 war) this city that he always dreams to visit.
Screenwriter: Nicolas Khoury
DOP: Ziad Chahoud
Editor: Nicolas Khoury
Nicolas Khoury
World premiere at the Les Ecrans du Réel, Lebanon
FilmFest Munchen (CineVision Competition), Germany
Oran Arab Film Festival, Algeria