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Director: Ameer Ihsan
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The film is considered one of the rare Iraqi pictures that break the taboos of the Iraqi and Arab society.
Ahmad Poster
2016/ Iraq10 min/ Drama
Ahmad is confined to home by his father, but when his brother comes back from abroad, Ahmad is encouraged to rise up against his father‎.
Karam Thamer
Ahmad Sadoon
Muhsin Khazaal
Screenwriter: Ameer Ihsan
DOP: Ahmed Al-Hilali
Salam Salman
Editor: Ayman Al Shatri
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Production Company(ies)
Iraqi Film Group in collaboration with:
Tigers Scoop
Goudea Center for Culture and Arts
Iraqi Association for Development of Cinema
Ameer Ihsan
film festivals
film festivals World premiere at the Arab Film Festival in California, USA
film festivals Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan
film festivals Days of Cinema, Palestine