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Mirrors of Silence

Director: Nawaf Al Janahi
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Screened at more than 20 regional and international festivals.
Mirrors of Silence  Poster
2006/ UAE16 min/ Fantasy
Original Title
Maraya Al Samt
In a modern city, a young man is confronted by a distressing loneliness; will he succeed in overcoming it?
Nawaf Al Janahi
Screenwriter: Nawaf Al Janahi
DOP: Nawaf Al Janahi
Editor: Khalid Al Mahmood
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Production Company(ies)
Nawaf Al Janahi
Mohamed Hasan Ahmed
film festivals
film festivals Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
film festivals Muscat Festival For Documentary & Short Films, Oman
film festivals Emirates Film Competition, UAE
film festivals Al-Sawari International Film Festival, Bahrain
film festivals Jeddah Visual Shows Festival, KSA
film festivals Jordan Short Film Festival, Jordan
film festivals Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival, Italy
film festivals Golden Minbar International Film Festival, Russia
film festivals Amal International Euro-Arab Film Festival, Spain
film festivals Baghdad International Film Festival, Iraq
film festivals Saudi Film Competition, KSA
film festivals Nile International Festival for Environmental Films, Egypt
film festivals Oran International Arabic Film Festival, Algeria
film festivals Washougal International Film Festival, USA
film festivals Salento International Film Festival, Italy
film festivals Beirut International Film Festival, Lebanon
film festivals Cairo Independent Film Festival, Egypt
film festivals Al-Hurrban International Cinema Festival, Iraq
film festivals Cape Winelands Film Festival, South Africa
film festivals Mohammedia International Short Film Festival, Morocco
film festivals Al Qattara Arts Center, UAE
film festivals MuslimFest Film Festival, Canada
film awards
film awards Second Prize for Best Film at the MuslimFest Film Festival, Canada
“A (beautiful) and appealing film equally in its style, the clarity of the idea and being thought-provoking.” Raja Sayer Al-Mutairi - Al-Riyadh Newspaper (Arabic)