One Minute

Director: Dina Naser
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Based on the true story of the 2014's Shujaiya Massacre in Gaza.
The film screened at more than 20 international festivals, including Malmö Film Festival.
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2015 / Jordan - Belgium10 min/ War
Original Title
In 2014 Gaza, Salma is taking her home as a shelter from the bombing and shooting, trying to protect her daughter, but with a text message she will be informed about her destiny.
Majd Hijawi
Ruba Hannun
Alia Daoud
Screenwriter: Dina Naser
DOP: Dina Naser
Ali Saadi
Editor: Seren Issa, Dina Naser
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Production Company(ies)
DocNomads School
Dina Naser
film festivals
BBC Arabic Festival, UK
PerSo - Perugia Social Film Festival, Italy
ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Germany
Boston Palestine Film Festival (BPFF), USA
Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF), Canada
Doclisboa International Film Festival, Portugal
Malmö Film Festival, Sweden
Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival, USA
FCP - Festival Ciné Palestine, Paris, France
Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF), Canada
Resistance International Film Festival, Iran
Cairo International Women Film Festival, Egypt
International Film Festival Rotterdam – IFFR, the Netherlands
Rencontres Internationales des Cinémas Arabes, France
Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival, Italy
Franco-Arab Film Festival, Jordan
film awards
Audience Award at the PerSo-Perugia Social Film Festival, Italy
Best Fiction Short Film by An International Author at the Nazra Palestine Short Film Festival, Italy
Special Mention at the Franco-Arab Film Festival, Jordan