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Director: Nawaf Al Janahi
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Contended in five film festivals and received a Special Mention at the Emirates Film Competition.
Souls Poster
2004/ UAE4 min/ Psychological Thriller
Original Title
In a dark gloomy room, a group of prisoners go in there where they find nothing but one chair. They must say the right words or else… they’ll die.
Ali Al-Jabri
Nawaf Al-Janahi
Sara Al-Shikar
Screenwriter: Nawaf Al Janahi
DOP: Khalid Al Mahmood
Editor: Nawaf Al Janahi
Production Company(ies)
Nawaf Al Janahi Films
Nawaf Al Janahi
film festivals
film festivals Assilah South-South Film Encounter, Morocco
film festivals Jeddah Visual Shows Festival, KSA
film festivals Nile International Festival for Environmental Films, Egypt
film festivals Saudi Film Competition, KSA
film festivals Emirates Film Competition, UAE
film awards
film awards Special Mention at the Emirates Film Competition, UAE