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Underground/On The Surface

A film by Salma El Tarzi
Director Salma El Tarzi won the Best Director award at the Dubai International Film Festival 2013.
Sold-out premiere in Cairo
First Documentary to be commercially released in Egyptian cinemas since 2011
The film highlights the accelerated growth of shaabi music and the rising of Oka and Ortega to stardom
Underground/On The Surface Poster
2013 / Egypt
68 min/ Documentary
Original Title
Ele Beheb Rabena Yerfaa Edoh lefook
The documentary highlights the growth of shaabi music which has been expanding most recently under the name mahraganat music (festivals music) in the heels of the 25th January revolution. Following the underground shaabi music scene, known as ’mahraganat’, the film focuses on the surge of popularity this genre received following the revolution; Oka, Ortega, and Wezza, three of the movement’s most prominent artists, are suddenly put under the spotlight, so the question is: will they be able to preserve their identity as independent artists؟
Screenwriter: Salma El Tarzi
Editor: Salma El Tarzi
DOP: Salma El Tarzi
Production Company(ies)
Aker Productions
Mohamed El Tohami
Dubai International Film Festival
Best Director award (Salma El Tarzi) at ‎the Dubai International Film Festival