Nearby Sky

Director: Nujoom Alghanem
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Nearby sky is an inspiring film about a woman’s courage and pioneering spirit.
The film is supported by the Enjaaz post-production programme of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF).
Nearby Sky  Poster
2014/ UAE85 min/ Documentary, Autobiography
Original Title
Samaa’ Qariba
Nearby Sky tells the story of Fatima Alhameli, the first Emirati Female camel owner to enter her Camel into the Camel Beauty Pageants and take part in Camel auctions in the UAE. Regardless of all the difficulties and challenges she encountered while trying to prove herself in one of the most male dominant domains, Fatima’s wish to win in a race or a beauty pageant contest remains the only compensation to overcome her failures.
Fatima Alhameli
Mohammed Alhameli
Mohammed Hamed Fadel Allah
Omair Alhameli
Screenwriter: Nujoom Al Ghanem
DOP: Benjamin Pritchard
Editor: Anne de Mo
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Production Company(ies)
Nahar Productions
Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF)
Nujoom Al Ghanem
Khalid Albudoor
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
DocPoint - Helsinki Documentary Film Festival, Finland
Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong
GCC Film Festival, Qatar
Sharm El-Sheikh Arab and European Film Festival, Egypt
Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
Mawasim Arabia, France
Abu Dhabi Film Festival, UAE
On The Road Film Festival, Taiwan
film awards
Best Non-Fiction Feature Award at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
“Femme-empowering docu “Nearby Sky” proves beyond a doubt that there’s no one better at showing off the beauties of her country than leading Emirati filmmaker Nujoom Alghanem.” Jay Weissberg - Variety

“As in her well-known Hamama about an elderly woman healer, Emirati documaker Nujoom Alghanem has a good time overturning stereotypes and expectations about who is behind the leather face mask which covers the eyebrows and upper lip.” Deborah Young - The Hollywood Reporter