Director: Soudade Kaadan
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Won two awards in the 73rd Venice International Film Festival’s Final Cut
Received Bidayyat’s Documentary Grant and Screen Institute Beirut’s Fund
Directed by award-winning Syrian director Soudade Kaadan
Obscure Poster
2017/ Syria - Lebanon57 min/ Documentary
Original Title
Obscure depicts the story of Ahmad — a Syrian child who doesn’t want to remember that he is Syrian. Ahmad wants to remain silent and sleepy, partly traumatized, half attempting to escape his world.
He takes us on a trip where individual and collective Syrian memories collide in his silence and unwillingness to speak.

Screenwriter: Soudade Kaadan
DOP: Soudade Kaadan, Talal Khoury
Editor: Chaghig Arzoumanian, Soudade Kaadan

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Production Company(ies)
KAF Production

Amira Kaadan Salma Kaf

film festivals
Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (CPH:DOX), Denmark
Fribourg International Film Festival (FIFF), Switzerland
Shubbak Festival, UK
film awards
MAD Solutions Award at the Venice International Film Festival, Italy
Fribourg Film Festival Award at the Venice International Film Festival, Italy