Director: Hakar Abdulqader
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The film project won MAD Solutions award within the Final Cut in Venice workshop at the Venice International Film Festival.
Supported by the Council of Women's Affairs - Kurdistan Regional Government.
The film was shot in Khanke Camp where the story actually takes place. One of the biggest challenges faced during shooting was to make the storytellers familiar with the camera, and as a result, the filmmaker couldn’t use a proper film crew.
Despite the danger and ongoing risks of the liberated areas, the film crew followed the mother to those zones in her search for her lost son.
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2017/ Iraq69 min/ Documentary, Drama
Original Title
Al Furaq/Havibon
After fleeing their town, Shingal in Iraq, which is under siege from Isis, thousands of Yazidi Kurds find themselves without food or water at the top of the Shingal mountain. Faced with no other choice, three men leave to seek sustenance for their families, unaware that an almost safe passage to Kurdistan has been recently opened. The wives and children, who reached the refugee camp, remain anxiously awaiting news of their husbands, while learning to adapt to their new life.
Filos Qolo Murad
Suzan Naif Elias
Nadifa Hasso
Hanifa Ali
Screenwriter: Hakar Abdulqader
DOP: Kawa Hadi
Editor: Hakar Abdulqader
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Production Company(ies)
Duhok Cinema Directorate
Shamal Sabri
film festivals
Duhok International Film Festival, Kurdistan, Iraq
Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), UAE
Venice International Film Festival, Italy
Carthage Film Festival (JCC), Tunisia
Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, USA
film awards
MAD Solutions Award at the Venice International Film Festival, Italy
Duhok Governorate Award for Best Feature-Length Film and Special Jury Mention Prize at the Duhok International Film Festival, Kurdistan, Iraq