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A film about a sea adventure motivated by love and tackles the issue of illegal immigration.
Received development grants from the Netherlands Film Festival and FILMMORE Film Festival.
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2014 / Morocco - Holland - Belgium - Germany - France94 min/ Sea Drama, Adventure
Original Title
A Moroccan fisherman sets off on a journey towards the Netherlands on his wind surf board against the turbulent waves to visit a young woman he’d grown attached to in Morocco.
Fettah Lamara
Thekla Reuten
Mohamed Majd
Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Screenwriter: Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Abdelhadi Samih
DOP: Jasper Wolf
Editor: Mona Brauer
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Production Company(ies)
Augustus Film
Man’s Film Production
Endorphine Productions
Bero Beyer
Marion Hansel
Fabian Massah
film festivals
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
Marrakech International Film Festival, Morocco
East End Film Festival, UK
Emden International Film Festival, Germany
Haifa International Film Festival, Palestine
Nederlands Film Festival,The Netherlands
Busan International Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Istanbul International Film Festival
film awards
Development Award at the Netherlands Film Festival
“categorizing Atlantic as a windsurfing movie, or even an immigration drama, fails to capture the sensitivity and lyricism that sophomore helmer Jan-Willem van Ewijk and d.p. Jasper Wolf bring to this engaging, generally restrained pic.” Variety - Jay Weissberg

“Gorgeously photographed by cinematographer Jasper Wolf, the film provides a real sense of space and being lost in the great (and wet) wide open, though in terms of character” Hollywood Reporter - Boyd van Hoeij

“Atlantic is a beautiful film with lots of potential” IndieWire - Katie Walsh