Competing at the Festival’s World Short Competition

Unspoken Joins Duhok International Film Festival (November 15th - 22nd)

15 November 2021:

Unspoken, by director Mohammed Alghadhban, shall land its world premiere at the World Short Competition of Duhok International Film Festival (November 15th - 22nd).
Hadhima is a 15-year-old girl who lives in the Iraqi countryside. Her mother passes away as a child, thus she moves to live with her father where she’s treated as a maid, not as his daughter. One day, when things get worse, she will make one bold decision.
Held in Duhok governorate, Kurdistan region in Iraq, Duhok International Film Festival brings together a plethora of films from inside and outside the region.
Written and directed by Mohammed Alghadhban, Unspoken stars Asaad Abdulmajeed, Nayan Altalabani, Noor Alhuda, and Om Ali, and is produced by Rola Films and Enki Film Academy. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution.
Mohammed Alghadhban is an independent filmmaker and founder of Rola Films & Creative Arts 2020. Born and raised in Iraq – Babylon, he studied Cinema at the University of Baghdad College of Fine Arts. He worked as an Art Director for 3 Minutes 3 Days Film Festival in its second and third editions. He was also an administration manager of the Baghdad office at Master Lam Advertising Company in 2017 - 2018, and general coordinator of the Baghdad University International Film and Television Festival in 2019. Alghadhaban was the art director for Dissolve advertising and artistic production company and the administration manager of Turkwaz Travel and Tourism co.